"Hey ugly, up here! Na-na-na-naeeee!!!! GAHHH!!! HELPELPELPELPELPELPELPELPELPELP!!!"


Once, years ago, Aidan lived with friends on Mobius. Soon, he was found Yen Sid, whom was looking for a brave guardian of Wasteland. Aidan quit being a hero so he could have his new Guardian job. So, he went into Wasteland, and protected it for more years than King Oswald had been there. Soon, a bit of trouble came his way...


Age: 15 Powers: Speed and Pyrokinese Allies: Oswald, Mickey, Gus, most inhabits of Wasteland, Sonic, most Mobians Enemies: The Shadow Blot, Captain Hook, Eggman, Metal Sonic Appearance: Red antromorphic hedgehog with black stripes on his fur, red and black shoes with ink dripping from them, black and red gloves also dripping, furry muzzle and long black nose, short tail, most of body dripping with ink, purple long and fuzzy cape, and golden bracelets Species: Hedgehog robot (formally), Blotworx Hedgehog (now) Side: Good Family: Blotlings (siblings), Metal Sonic (brother), Eggman (first father/creator), The Phantom Blot (second father) Does he have a Heart?: After getting turned into a blot cuz The King'o'Blots, no. Before, yes Gender: None, is a robot, thought to be a boy

A dark destiny comes this wayEdit

After helping Mickey and Oswald fight off "Blot-leg Pete", Aidan is threatened by the Shadow Blot that if Aidan does not destroy Mickey and Oswald, the blot will turn Aidan's best friend, Blaze, into a Blotworx. Aidan agrees, and presides to fulfill his task. Before that happens, Aidan tells them why he's doing this, before launching a hail of flaming thinner at them. You then have to battle him. Afterwards, O and M go to save Blaze the cat. Aidan then turns into ink and goes down a small drain into the sewer to escape the evil claws of the Phantom Shadow King.

Aidan is found!!Edit

After searching for weeks for Aidan, Gus finds a clue, and soon him.