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Animatronic Scar is a evil Beetleworx based on the villian's audio-animatronic at Fantasyland's former attraction, "The Legend of the Lion King".

The old animatronic was activated and re-programmed by Prescott (he was forced to by Big Bad Pete), and is one of the mini-bosses in Epic Mickey 3: Brothers in Arms, in the level/(locations, Choose<?) (Fantasy Central? or Animal Land?).

For the good path, you reprogram the three machines on top of three platforms. Then, Paint in some of his missing toon. After you've done that, Scar starts to loose his sharp blades and mechanical weapons on his body and is redeemed.

For bad path, you thin out his toon-armor and swipe him, about 6 times and then Oswald uses his electricity to stun and then eventually destroy him.