Yen Sid begins a short narration.

"Mickey, the young mouse intruder, armed with my Magic Brush, returned to the Wasteland to help restore it, and stop the machinations of the evil Mad Doctor, redeemed him and saved Wasteland for the second time, Mickey and his friend, Oswald had a long way to go, before they truly saved Wasteland, and with a new page of this story about to unfold itself, a new threat will become something, great and bad for the world of forgotten Toons.".

After the celebration of the reformation of Mad Doctor, Big Bad Pete configured a evil plot. Getting up from desk, putting a paper down, Pete released a now non-brainwashed Prescott, from his jail cell. Prescott thought he was being let free, but he wasn't intially.

"You're coming with me.", Pete laughed as he grabbed the gremlin with his big white-gloves.

...To Be Continued...