Mickey Mouse is one of the main protagonist in the Epic Mickey series and its fanfictions. He is the younger half-brother of Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, who is jealous of his fame. He's also the main mascot in the Disney universe, and one of the more important cartoon stars.

In Epic MickeyEdit

A long time ago the sorcerer Yen Sid created a pen-and-paper world for his forgotten characters, held in an intricate model on a table, and accessible through a mirror. Mickey who finds himself inside Yen Sid's study, sees the model, and waits until Yen Sid is gone before going back to take another look at it. Mickey decides to create himself using paint but instead creates the Shadow Blot. Mickey tries to clean up the mess he made but instead spilled paint thinner on the model and allowed the Shadow Blot to enter the Wasteland. Mickey manages to escape without Yen Sid knowing, returning to his world where he went on to live to years of success and fame, but his meddling had consequences. The Paint Thinner allowed the main antagonist of Epic Mickey, the Shadow Blot to invade the paper-pen world and engaged in a series of war with the world's ruler, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit in the Blot Wars. The Blot wins over this struggle, and Oswald now blames Mickey for all this fiasco. Mickey, already plunged into the world by the Shadow Blot, must gain the trust of Oswald and defeat the Blot once and for all.


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